Made it!

After about 15 hours of travel I finally made it to Linz, Austria! The scenery is amazing and I cannot wait for my first practice tomorrow morning!!


What a Day!




What a day! I just passed my Senior Freestyle test!!! It’s strange to think that I don’t have any more tests to take after this one. After much thought, my parents, coach, and I have decide that I should move up a level this year. I am still going to compete at Junior international competitions though.  I am excited to compete as a Senior lady this season and I am looking forward to the challenge. I will be competing at Broadmoor next week for my first competition as a Senior lady. Wish me luck!!!


Hey, I am Hannah Miller. Welcome to my new website and blog. I just finished a very exciting year by taking the bronze medal as a junior lady at the US Figure Skating National Championship. We are currently working really hard on my new short and long programs which I am excited to perform. My short program is very fast, upbeat, and by one of the greatest artists of all time. I am excited to have my new website,, and blog so I can keep you posted. Check back for details on how my year is going. I will update you with competitions and International assignments with Team USA Figure Skating. Thanks!